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Consorzio Idro – History

Consorzio Idro is a consortium of three companies – Idrodepurazione, EMWG and Swenco – highly specialized in the environmental sector, in the design and construction of machinery for the treatment of water, wastewater, solid waste and systems for the production of energy from renewable sources.

Established in 2015,Consorzio Idro combines companies with over forty years of experience in their sectors and which operate with the latest technologies and with full respect for the environment.
The companies making up Consorzio Idro began operating independently in the Brianza area near Milan, Italy, and experienced constant growth also thanks to the acquisition of renowned companies in the environmental sector, which carried them into international territory. These companies have developed a close and productive collaboration which facilitates financial, commercial, logistical and organizational synergies based on a common strategy focused on quality, specialization, product innovation and strong customer focus.

Consorzio Idro provides efficient and innovative solutions for the treatment of: Water, Air, Energy, Waste.

Our Solutions



Water treatment including drinking water treatment, collection and treatment of wastewater (civil and industrial), water recovery and reuse.
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Air deodorization
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Energy production from biogas produced by agricultural biomass and organic waste;
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Treatment of the organic component of urban waste.
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Eco-sustainable future

Treatment of natural resources

Providing advanced solutions for the protection of the Earth and its resources.

Mission e vision

Mission and vision

Treatment of natural resources

The research activities promoted by the Group are directed towards the realization of an eco-sustainable future; the mission of the individual companies and of the Group as a whole is to provide innovative technological solutions which fully respect the environment and regulations in vigor.
For this reason and based on their solid experience, the Consorzio Idro companies, constantly research and employ innovative and cutting-edge technologies. The Group aims to provide ideal solutions to a wide range of customers: from public to private, to the industrial sector, government and non-government agencies, providing reliable after sales support and ensuring their services including for work on existing facilities.

Over a period of forty years, Consorzio Idro has successfully completed projects in Italy and internationally.

The Consorzio Idro headquarters building respects the values of its member companies, aiming to create an eco-sustainable future: the building is self-sufficient in terms of energy with a system of solar panels and it has also been built with construction materials specifically chosen for their low environmental impact.



The protection of water resources


the containment of waste


the rationalization of costs


re-use of natural elements already treated.

The Consorzio Idro values


Each company in the Consorzio Idro has a UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 approved Quality Management System in place, as certified by ACM Cert Ltd. The set of processes prescribed by the guiding international standard has been harmonized in order to achieve the defined objectives and constant improvement of the business. The customer is the point of departure and arrival in a complex process that is checked and upgraded constantly.


The Consorzio Idro environmental policy is shaped by the specific skills possessed within the Group and awareness of the impact of activities on the environment. The adoption of the methods and procedures provided for by the various quality management systems allows the companies to schedule, manage and control the technical, organizational and human aspects of their business which directly influence the technical and environmental quality of the works and services benefiting the client. All Consorzio Idro companies are certified according to UNI EN ISO 14001/2004.


Workplace health and safety is a priority for all Consorzio Idro companies. The company operates with a specific occupational health and safety policy characterized by responsible risk management and constant improvement in order to create and maintain safe and secure working environments. Consorzio Idro has a occupational health and safety management program in place and this has been certified according to the standard UNI EN ISO 18001/2007.


The adoption of the methods and procedures provided by the various systems used to schedule, manage and control the technical, organizational and human which influence the technical and environmental quality of the works and services provided to the client.


The commitment to achieve excellent results is one of the main values for the Consorzio Idro, for which significant resources are invested every year in terms of analysis and improvement of processes and organization with a constant involvement of the staff in training and specialization.


The ability to anticipate and meet customer needs quickly, characterizes the activities of the Consorzio Idro and is evident in all activities and processes from design to manufacturing, to training and after sales service. Consorzio Idro companies design solutions based on the needs, issues and specific requirement expressed by the client as well as on best practices and standardized specifications. This is done through an efficient organization which is allows for accelerated decision making and maximization of time to dedicated to the client’s needs.


Research, development and technological innovation are essential tools which enable the Consorzio Idro to best respond to the needs of customers and to comply with regulatory requirements in the environmental area. The Consorzio Idro team is highly specialized and has many years of experience in the field of environmental engineering. The Group continuously devotes resources to the expanding and developing their knowledge, improving product design and by providing customers with the most innovative solutions.

The Consorzio Idro companies and code of ethics

Human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption

The Consorzio Idro has adopted a code of ethics by aligning its activities with other universally accepted principles. In addition to the general principles of respect for the law, transparency, honesty, fairness and good faith, the Code of Ethics gives prominence to the objectives of sustainable development, including human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. The introduction of ethics in business processes is a key factor for the development of quality and business competitiveness in compliance with standards and moral values.

Consorzio Idro

Idrodepurazione s.r.l., today Consorzio Idro srl, is specialized in water and waste water treatment, air purification, solid waste treatment and in energy generation from renewable sources.

Idrodepurazione s.r.l. Idrodepurazione s.r.l. is particularly interested in advancing research in eco-sustainable technologies for air, water and waste treatment focusing on recovering treated elements so as to increase available quantities of that element or resource. The company’s objective is to combine respect for the environment with the development of new and increasingly advanced systems that can reduce the costs of such treatments.

Idrodepurazione s.r.l. has experience in the construction and management of facilities around Italy and abroad, responding to different client needs and supporting international humanitarian efforts.

The company is organized in three distinctive operational divisions:


for the purification of industrial and civil waste water through prefabricated units and the recovery and reuse of rainwater and of grey water;


specializing in the design and construction of turnkey treatment plants for the purification of civil and industrial waste water, the production of biogas, for the deodorization of air and for the treatment of solid organic waste;


for primary water treatment and drinking water production projects and for industrial water purification, offering services to the public and private sectors and to end users.


Idrodepurazione has bought the SHUNT waters, which has thirty years experience in the field of water treatment. SHUNT DIVISION WATER specializes in the design and construction of prefabricated systems for the treatment of first rain waters, separators of oils and fats and lift stations. | SHUNT website

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EMWG Srl specializes in the design, construction and supply of COMPACT & MOBILE systems providing complete water treatment solutions - from drinking water to wastewater treatment.

EMWG’s compact and mobile systems are highly transportable and easy to install onsite thanks to their standard size container housing or assembly on trailers. These characteristics make the water treatment plants particularly suitable for use in remote or hard to reach locations. EMWG’s water treatment plants can be powered by electricity coming from a network or a generator. Alternatively, affirming the company’s dedication to using renewable resources, some systems are designed to operate autonomously with energy from their own solar panels.

EMWG’s products are designed with a range of client groups in mind, from government to non-government organizations, from military to humanitarian entities and private businesses (mining and residential camps, hotels, camping grounds), each water treatment system can be tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Furthermore the compact and mobile water treatment plants are ideal for emergency intervention such as may be needed in areas suffering from water scarcity or following natural disasters.

The company has successfully completed projects around the world and is particularly proud to have contributed to various humanitarian operations.

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Swenco is an environmental engineering consulting company and part of the Consorzio Idro.

Swenco is an engineering company established in 2008 and supported by a staff of highly qualified technicians and engineers with years of experience in water treatment system construction.
The services offered vary according to the individual needs of the customer: a specialist group of engineers works to provide support for feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, supervision and project management, elaboration of technical projects and financial plans.

Swenco operates in different areas of natural resource management:
- Aqueduct design;
- Waterway design and upgrade;
- Catchment and treatment of primary and secondary waters;
- Waste disposal;
- Construction of public works, buildings and plants according to safety regulations.

The Company's mission is to provide a consultancy services perfectly tailored to customer needs and with the collaboration of experts from different fields of engineering, environmental and business services.


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Via Comina 39, I-20831 Seregno (MB) Italy

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World Water Day

World Water Day

Compact pre-treatment plant with screening

Compact pre-treatment plant with screening, compaction and recovery of civil waste water 20 m3 / h

Drinking water treatment plants

Drinking water treatment plants from deep water

Waste water treatment plant for hospital

MBR Technology 100m3/g


Seminario realizzato con il contributo incondizionato di Idro Group Lunedì 13 Maggio 2019, ore 14:00 – 18:00 Via Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, 25, 20124 Milano MI FORNITURA IDRICA E TRATTAMENTO SCARICHI ...


Impianto ad osmosi inversa


IFAT 2018

Sales Meeting in Idro Group

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Acque di prima pioggia

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Il gruppo Idro sarà presente a DITF DAR ES SALAAM ~28/06-8/07


E' stata pubblicata la terza edizione del Libro Bianco sulla Risorsa Idrica  

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SHUNT ACQUE di IdroGroup sarà presente al Made EXPO di Milano – 8/11 Marzo Padiglione 6 – Stand G42-44

Realizzazione impianto di depurazione biologico

Fornitura ed installazione di nuovo sistema di filtrazione presso il depuratore centralizzato di Dormelletto (No)

World Water Day Photo Contest 2017

L'acqua in tutte le sue forme come patrimonio da tutelare.


4-6 ottobre: il gruppo Idro partecipa alla fiera dell'ambiente

Progetto EuroPHA

Il  Gruppo Idro  al Consortium meeting del progetto EuroPHA di Saragozza

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Idro Group partecipa alla fiera  CIBUST TEC di Parma


Il  Gruppo Idro  ha realizzato l'impianto di deodorizzazione aria per l'impianto di BIOSTABILIZZAZIONE.

Progetto EuroPHA

Il  Gruppo Idro  presenta il progetto EuroPHA e il nuovo impianto pilota


Trattamento delle acque di prima pioggia e sistemi di riutilizzo delle acque grigie e meteoriche con un accenno alla fitodepurazione.

Convegno sull'inquinamento olfattivo.

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Il recupero delle acque grigie è la scelta giusta per tutelare l’ambiente e lo sport, curare i risparmi ed il futuro del pianeta.


Idrodepurazione ha acquisito la divisione acque SHUNT


Il Gruppo Idro al forum #‎Ecotech presenta il progetto IDROSERRA

Progetto EUROPHA

EuroPHA Consortium Meeting: studiando la pellicola biodegradabile per alimenti!

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DIHAD 2016 - Dubai

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